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Handicap Membership

(21 customer reviews)

$99.00 / year


This membership provides affiliation to NZ Golf and through that, a golf handicap. ย You can then get access to affiliated green fee rates where they are available. ย You will become a member of Martinborough Golf Club and pay Green Fees where ever you play. ย This is an annual subscription.

In the event you require a refund, The Wanderers Golf Club reserves the right to charge a 2.5% transaction fee.

Reviews (21)

21 reviews for Handicap Membership

  1. akil


  2. Joseph Pewhairangi


  3. Robert Daniels

    Would like to join Handicap membership

  4. Jude Daculan

    it’s awesome!

  5. Kev

    Featherston is closed, what nw?

    • Roger Simmons

      Hi Kev, we are moving to Martinborough and all new members will be signed up that way. Existing members will be transferred across over the next two weeks.

  6. Joe Raiwalui

    Would I be able to play in any tournament with my wanderers handicap.

    • Roger Simmons

      Yes you can ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Joe Raiwalui

    Don’t even know where Martinbroug is. Great be able to have handicap and play in a tournament.

    • Roger Simmons

      Martinborough is in the Wairarapa, just over the hill from Wellington. A wine growing region with a few great craft breweries. A great place for a relaxing weekend!

  8. Gareth

    As a handicap member do you receive an rights at Martinborough? Or just affiliated rates?

    • Roger Simmons

      Hi Gareth. When you play at Martinborough, you will need to pay a green fee at the rate they set for Wanderers. Currently this is the affiliated rate.

  9. Eris

    Hi there. I have not signed up yet. I am not sure how this works and to get a handicap. Thoughts please? Looking to sign my son (13yo) up too for his handicap. Ta.

    • Roger Simmons

      Hi Eris

      How it works is that when you sign up, we register you with NZ Golf. Then when you visit a course you enter your number to print your scorecard, pay the green fee at affiliated rates and then lodge the card at the course you played. The cards then contribute towards your handicap.

  10. Jack Tafatu

    Im a current member of a golf club. Will there be a stand down period if i want to join. Im a pensioner now and this option is more affordable for me.

  11. Rod Makiha


  12. Shem

    Can i play at any golf course in Auckland?

    • Roger Simmons

      Hi there, sorry for the slow response. Yes you can, and at affiliated rates. You will be fully affiliated to NZ Golf

  13. Jack

    When does the membership term begins and end. Or does it starts on the day i join?
    2ndly do i get a membership number the minute i join?

    • Roger Simmons

      Hi there Jack

      Membership begins when you join and runs for 12 months. You will get a membership number, and affiliation just as soon as your application is processed – usually within 24 hours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Pam

    I am a Kiwi and presently live in Sydney. Can I become a member and qualify for affiliated rates please when we holiday in New Zealand.

    • Roger Simmons

      Hi Pam – yes you can and you would be most welcome

  15. Dave Danilo

    Have just forgone my golf membership as I am now retired and cost is inhibitive am I able to join you straight away?

    • Roger Simmons

      Absolutely Dave. Registration normally takes about a day to process. You will be very welcome.

  16. Bruce Ritchie

    I am currently a member at a Club and have a handicap. If I join Wanderers do I retain my handicap?

    • Roger Simmons

      Hi Bruce – yes you do. When you join you let us know your current club details and we pick up your scoring record.

  17. Tamati Hawea

    HI – I surrendered my golf membership mid last year. Do I have to submit all cards again to gain my handicap – or will it pick up on what I was on last year?

    • Roger Simmons

      Hi Tamati – we pick up your scoring record so you will continue from where you left off last year ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Joe Raiwalui (verified owner)

    Previously I was a member at Martinbroug through Wanderers.

    • Roger Simmons

      And we loved having you Joe!

  19. Dennis

    Can a 9 hole card help calc your handicap?

    • Roger Simmons

      Hi Dennis, yes it can as every 9 holes is rated :). Generally 2 9hole cards are combined.

  20. Bridie Steele

    Hi there,

    Do you still have to hand in 5 cards to get a handicap using this system?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Roger Simmons

      Yes, your handicap comes from NZ Golf based on the cards you submit. We are not part of that loop. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Geoff Dell

    Hi team! Am currently living and golfing in Singapore, but planning to return permanently to NZ in June. If I join Wanderers, can I send signed score cards somewhere immediately to kickstart the process of getting a handicap?

    • Roger Simmons

      Hi Geoff, the short answer is yes. Once you join The Wanderers we are able to enter cards on your behalf. The process is to scan the cards, ensuring we can identify the courses played and email them to us. ๐Ÿ™‚

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