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The Wanderers Golf Club is about enabling golfers the flexibility to play as they want to play!

Did You Know:

    • Around 500,000 New Zealanders play golf each year
    • Only around 110,000 of these belong to a Golf Club
    • Many golfers are wanting to play where they want and when they want without being tied to a single course.
    • Most casual golfers would also like to have a golf handicap
    • Many Clubs do not want Casual Golfers within the golfing family – they want them paying a premium to play

Once you get a golf handicap, you pay the Affiliated Member Green Fee rate. At some courses the Green Fees will be even less, as we will be accessing reduced rates on your behalf.

The Wanderers Team

The golfing nuts behind The Wanderers know there are many golfers who do not play enough to warrant being a member of a traditional Golf Club and who would like to be part of a golfing family and have a golf handicap.  So we have done something about it.

The coaching staff are contracted PGA professionals, well known in the golfing community for their excellence and golfing knowledge.

Casual Golfers, join The Wanderers and get more out of your golf!

For more information, you can contact us anytime at club@wanderersgolf.co.nz



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Policies & Procedures

Roger Simmons

Roger is the fellow behind The Wanderers.  A past Board member and Captain of a prominent Club, Rog has a vision that every person who plays golf is part of the golfing community at a price in keeping with the amount they play.  A one-time single figure handicapper, he plays once or twice a week and hovers around a 12 handicap.

When you join The Wanderers you also join Martinborough Golf Club as a bonafide member.

The Wanderers Golf Club consists of an Incorporated Society, The Wanderers Golf Club Incorporated, and its contracted management company, The Wanderers Management Limited.

The golfing activities are undertaken through The Wanderers Golf Club Inc.  The trading activities are undertaken by The Wanderers Management Ltd. Collectively they are known as The Wanderers Golf Club.

EMail          club@wanderersgolf.co.nz

Mail            PO Box 38 272, Wellington

Location    Wellington, New Zealand

Phone         +64 21 650 296

View our Policies and procedures here