The Wanderers Golf Club | Courses around Taranaki and Ruapehu
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Courses around Taranaki and Ruapehu

From the fertile western seaboard of Taranaki up around the Ruapehu District and in the northern area of the Manawatu are more great golf courses.  Combine fun in the snow with golf.   Links are provided to the Clubs for your convenience and some will enable you to book on-line.  Others you will need to contact direct.

Here is a selection.

Telephone Fees
New Plymouth Golf Club (view) (06) 7551349 $50
Te Ngutu Golf Club, Hawera (view) (06) 272 9008 $30
Taumaranui Golf Club (view) (07) 896 7257 $35
Waimarino Golf Club (view) 06 385 8427 $30
Rangatira Golf Club (view) (06) 322 9859 $25
Turangi Golf Club (view) (07) 386 8724 $35