Courses around Nelson and Marlborough - The Wanderers Golf Club
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Courses around Nelson and Marlborough

The north of the South Island is known for its fine weather being protected by mountain ranges on three sides.  The vast wine region complements the golf – enjoy the experience.  Links are provided to the Clubs for your convenience and some will enable you to book on-line.  Others you will need to contact direct.

Here is our selection

Nelson Golf Club (view) (03) 548 5029
Greenacres Golf Club, Nelson (view) (03) 544 6441
Marlborough Golf Club (view) (03) 578 7646
Rarangi Golf Club (view) (03) 570 5709
Picton Golf Club (view) (03) 570 5709
Totoradale Golf Club, Nelson (view) (03) 541 8030