Course around Coromandel - The Wanderers Golf Club
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Course around Coromandel

The Coromandel Peninsula is a fantastic part of the world, and has a great selection of golf courses for your pleasure.   Links are provided to the Clubs for your convenience and some will enable you to book on-line.  Others you will need to contact direct.

Here is a selection of the courses

Lakes Resort, Pauahanui (view) (07) 864 9999
The Dunes, Matarangi (view) (07) 866 5394
Mercury Bay Golf & Country Club (view)
Whangamata Golf Club (view) (07) 865 8479
Hauraki Golf Club (view)
Waihi Golf Club (view)  (07) 863 8678
Fairview Estate, Katikati (view) (07) 549 3412